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Linux question


Way too much time here...
I have a 400mb HDD available to put linux on. What version/etc should I get??? How hard is it to dual boot Linux and XP??

400 MB might be a little low on space for some of the major distributions. You might want to check out Slackware (www.slackware.com) ... the installation can turn out to be quite minimal if you don't pick all the packages.

As for dual-booting: It's real easy. While you're installing Linux, setup will overwrite your NT bootloader with LILO (the Linux Bootloader) which will give you the option to start Windows or Linux at startup.

G'luck! :)
you won't be able to do much with linux with 400mb, you'll probably end up using Samba and Wine to run all your windows stuff on *nix...

but yes, Slackware is best for small hard drives

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