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Linux Question



I'm interested in Linux and heard that Red Hat is the best for a beginner. Actually, I only want to learn the commands eg. ls, rm and don't have plan to use it for my other works. Another thing is I don't think my ArtNet modem (bet you haven't heard of it) supports Linux. So, basically I'll still depends heavily on Win XP Pro. I've also heard that there is something called distro. Can someone explain on this and what's the difference between a distro and a full version? What's the size of a basic Red Hat installation?


I may actually be insane.
a distro is short for distribution. meaning a brand, theres a LOT of linux distro's and they are all "full versions" there's no such thing an a demo or incomplete linux.
RedHat is pretty good for a beginner, pretty much a point n click setup. Not sure about the setup size as i havent used the newer versions.
RedHat 8 downloadable version comes on 3 CDs, but not all is installed. I believe it's somewhere 1-2 gigs needed for the entire system depending on how much you install.
if you just want to get to terms with the linux commands then check out http://www.polarhome.com
If you apply for an account there and then send them 10 units of your national currency ($10 if you are US, £10 if you are UK) and they will allow you shell access, then all you need is a copy of Putty which is freeware and you can connect to the server you got an account on and play about with the commands.

If you dont want to do the money thing, then you would need to get a copy of Linux, RedHat, Slackware or something like that. http://www.linuxiso.org is a good place.

Or you could ask here if anyone with a linux box would mind giving you a shell and then you can do the Putty thing as mentioned above. (I am not sure how many people would be willing though as they wouldnt want you doing improper things with it)


madrake is a great distro for learning on. the setup is a breeze and since its based on redhat can install programs using rpm packages :) i recommend using kde over gnome if you like eye candy....

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