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Linux Question *New LVM in RH9*


To whom it may concern
OK first off, the way I understand how LVM works:

LVM is basically a "software-type raid", where you take 2 physical drives and you group them together where they act as 1 drive alone.

This will be a useful feature to me for my new linux machine I am building.

I have a 120GB drive with data on it, mp3s and such... I just ordered another 160GB drive. So I have 2 drives but do not want 2 mounts on my linux box. I want to combine them and create one mount (ex. /archvie).

To do this I use the GUI install and the LVM feature with Disk Druid, or whatever partition manager I choose. When I combine these drives. Will they have to be formatted? I do not want to loose all my data off my 120GB. I want to just add the 160GB on the the end of that. Is this possible, or is there a way to do it?

Please people who know about this shed some light upon me.
After you add these drives together, you must create partitions on the new virtual drive and then format it/them. Your old data will not be kept. Plus if you make a RAID 0 array your total size will be 240GB because the disks are unequal i size.

This is true if LVM is normal software RAID, which I take it is.
Now that's what I call "doubling the pleasure" or the hard drive anyway (And that can be done through Disk Druid from text mode I think)

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