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8 Jul 2002
Hello Guys,

Well I am on my KDE 3.1 Desktop right now. I have installed Linux because I have had a few recommend it for my current setup. I was using WinXPHome(upgrade version) for the following:
FTP Server, File Server, Remote Desktop Server, VPN Server. The few that recommended said so because of the security issues facing WindowsXP, and the fact XP Home is unstable as a Server OS. Mind you, I have had XPHome Server running stable for the last year and a half or so, though I was using firewalls, antivirus, windows update to the nutz. I guess my question is: Am I doing the right thing? There seems to be a lot of configuration dilemmas that I have to going to have to figure out. Is it worth my time?

yeah the security will be higher and once you have things setup then you can pretty much leave them. Also the overall performance will probably be higher as well, all you gotta do is find the guides and read a lot to get everything setup proper. It should be worth it though
It'll be worth it in the end. Not to mention it's always good to learn new things like this :)
I love my linux server. Very stable and very light. I use mandrake linux (without GUI). Easy to setup for beginners.
I agree with SPeedY. The initial groundwork will be a little time consuming, but it's nice to learn something new, and for what you're doing, Linux is definitely a better choice than XP in the long run.
With that said, you should probably keep your XP server running as it is before you feel comfortable with the Linux system, just so that you don't have to set up everything all over again if you feel Windows is still your preference.
Everyone has said everything there is to be said. Maintaining a Linux server is easier in the long run. I don't know if I would share a server environment with my desktop environment though. It might be worthwhile for you to use your Linux box with server specific services, and use a separate machine for your desktop environment. Your linux machine doesn't even need to be a powerhouse.
Thanks a bunch, guys

I guess my next question would be: Do I need firewalls, Antivirus's? I am running a Linksys router. Where could I find it? Anyone can recommend some good reading material available that I could download and/or print? I would like to setup the same server setups as previous. I am using a different OS hard Drive for Linux, so if I go back to Windows, I just need to reinstall the original HD. Mandrake is what I installed, but is it going to be easier without the GUI? I am using the GUI, I thought it was the only way. I guess I could skip back and forth between with or without GUI on startup.

It is a whole new world out there for me today (Linux World), and I thank you all for helping take my first baby steps through it.

You could setup rules using iptables to be a very effective solution. You can add rules manually, or have a program do it for you ... such as gShield. Personally, I have I use Jay's IP tables to handle routing and firewalling. You could check this URL out for security/firewall information. As for viruses for Linux ... they are few and far in between. Virii writers usually want fame and fortune, and they wouldn't get much if they targetted Linux. They do exist however, but I'm not too sure if you should be too worried about them.
Heeter: Although you wouldn't need to have a GUI running for your purpose once everything is set up, I would suggest installing one initially, especially since you're new to the OS. I think Mandrake is set up to start with a default runlevel of 5 (GUI login) rather than 3 (command-line login) that Slackware and some other distros use. I would recommend changing the default runlevel to 3 so that you boot into the command line by default. You can then start X11 (the GUI) by just invoking the "startx" command at the prompt.

To change the runlevel, open /etc/inittab in a text editor. You should see a line that reads "id:3:initdefault:" Change that to "id:5:initdefault:" and reboot the system.

As far as firewalls/antivirus software, I'd go with what vern already mentioned.

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