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Hello guys,

I would like to use Linux as a file server for my home network and as an FTP server as well. I guess my first question would be: If the other 'puters in network are XP home, would they be able to retrieve and put files into the Linux File Server? Would FTP users still access the FTP? What Speed of 'Puter do I need for a File/FTP Server? What free programs can I use for linux for Firewall, FTp Server, Antivirus? Will NO-IP work for Linux? Sorry, but I am very new to Linux.



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yep, you can share and store files on a Linux server and use them in Windows. As long as you have a decent understanding of Networking, the Samba configuration shouldn't be too hard.

Samba Configuration

The only problem I ran into was with not having a master browser in my network, so you need to either have the Computer Browser service running in XP, or make sure that Samba is configured with these in the [global] section:

os level = 255
preferred master = yes
domain master = yes
local master = yes

I never set up a FTP server so can't help you there.


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FTP wise I would try Pure-FTPd

yes afaik you can get a linux client for No-ip
Anti-Virus, there arent all that many Unix Viruses at the moment so not all that many AV packages. Sophos sell one which also scans for Windows viruses, so that your machine doesnt act as a like a carrier for the virus.

regarding speed of puter for Linux/Unix, neither have the kinds of speed requirements that windows has. I have a Web/mail/ftp/samba and so on host which runs on a 433MHz Celeron and 256MB Ram and two 40GB hard drives
My Linux file/web/ftp server is an old Cel 400, and that's plenty enough. It runs RedHat 8 at the moment. The No-IP service is also running along with Folding@Home to use those spare CPU cycles for something good.

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