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Linux advantages over windows

- Stable
- Safe
- Free

- User friendlyness. Windows is easier simply.
- Applications. Getting better though.

Linux requires some more basic knowledge about computers.
would have to agree with Zedric, have used Linux since 1993 off and on, nix is more stable then Windows, however, not as much as it used to be. Windows XP and w2k are very stable.

the biggest cons for nix is the applications and the GUI, while it certainly has came around lately in both departments it is seriously still way behind windows.

The biggest hurdle is user friendliness, for n00bs I suggest you try either Mandrake or Red Hat distros, they are the easiest to install and run, however once you get the hang of it, get rid of both and use either Slackware, FreeBSD, RootLinux, or Debian.

Stay away from Lindows, it will only confuse you more.

this is only my opinion

if i was you I would install Linux on a old box and play with it there first. To many n00bs mess up installing nix on the same box as windows and then blame nix for the problems.

Play with it first then install it on your windows box

90% of the time the answer is no

the other 10% of the time yes it will run under WINE, however, it will be sluggish and not up to the same standards of play.

Unreal won't play under nix I am sure



I may actually be insane.
UT2003 comes with the linux version in the box (take a look on cd3 ;) ) an games such as Quake3 have official linux versions released also.

On topic tho, for the end user i dont think that linux has ANY advantages over windows, its nice to play with now and then, but i cant see myself using it day-to-day.

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