Linspire on Vmware

Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by cpomd, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. cpomd

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    Has anyone managed to install Linspire on Vmware?
    If so Please share the knowledge.

  2. mbx

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    Isle of Man
    Nope.I get an rsync failure at about 70%.
    First time it happened I was away from my desk, so didn't see the message, it timeouts the error message and then shows "Installation complete".
    I spent twenty minutes scratching my head when it wouldn't boot the system after that, tried the install again and saw the message.there's nothing that I can find at the Linspire forums or FAQs regarding this problem, only a message on a board saying saomeone had tried doing the install from a magazine cd, and it din't work, so they complained to th mag, who said they'd only done the install on a clean disk, in native mode, not through VMware :(
  3. ep0niks

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    I did install Linspire/Lindows on VPC by Microsoft on a XP Pro workstation, it crash on VMWare and.. anyways it's so slow (on VPC), you don't want to install Lindows for any reason