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Linksys WRT54G2 Router issues


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Using Comcast isp and I'm trying to get it to cooperate with a Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless router.

At the present, the internet works only if I have a single computer hard-wired directly from the Comcast Cable Modem, with no router involved. Here are my /ipconfig stats when things are working:

Connection-specific DNS: hsd1.co.comcast.net
IP Address: 75.xx.xx.xxx
Def. Gate: xx.xx.xx.x

and here are the specs when I'm either hard-wired or on wireless through my WRT54G2 Wireless Router: (I get the "Server Not Found" error and cannot access websites)

Connection-specific DNS Suffix: (Blank)
IP: (100 when hard-wired)
Default Gateway:

I have done this a thousand times with other routers, but this ones is really pissing me off :mad:

I have flushed the DNS, power cycled the modem, etc........ all the typical trouble shooting has been done. Just followed the "simple setup CD" and it hangs and gives me an error "cannot find new router"
and I lose the Connection completely.

Linksys support is garbage and Comcast is the same.

Using XP Pro

my Thanks to anyone who helps.. :)


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Linksys is a alpha router. With a static Ip they work good, but with a dynamic ip they are nothing but trouble. I have never had one that worked without having to reboot it every hour. My best suggestion is to get rid of it and get a netgear. I have never had an issue with those.

You can do all kinds of searches on linksys and you will find that they have ongoing issues that they are refusing to fix, not to meantion; their tech support is a joke. When you call them you will be sure to get someone who can not speak english. Every one I spoke with was like that. I had to keep asking the last one to repeat himself, it was so bad.

Like I said, dump linksys and get a netgear, you won't regret it. They make linksys look like the trash that they are ...

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my ip is dynamic from time to time but i have never had an issue with linksys, but as i say i don't use their firmware :)


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Tdinc, hardwire a second computer to the router and access the config page from there. Once you do that, all should work fine. For some reason the easy setup cd mangles the new connection, withut properly setting up the router.

Once you can access the web config, everything should be ok. I don't know if this is a problem with the easy setup cd or the or what, but it is what I had to do.

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Some cable modems lock themselves to a MAC address. You can either clone your PC's on the router or unplug the cable modem for a few minutes. Make sure the router is plugged into the modem and not the computer.


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thanks for all the help,

Admiral, as I stated, I have already cycled the modem and done all the steps possible.
I am taking the POS back and buying a wrt54g


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see if you could pick up the WRT160N for around 79.99 I got that myself, put DD-wrt on it and haven't looked back, best decision I've made.

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