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Linksys WRT54G question


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Hey guys - just about finished configuring my new Linksys router and wifi box.... it is inetoperating nicely with my previous 802.11b EdiMax WAP point and all is good....

There are a couple of sticking points for me though:-

1. I like to disable broadcasting of my SSID (done this fine with EdiMax WAP), but when I do this with the Linksys it seems like my wi-fi machines cannot pick up the connection again, maybe it is being built different in SP2 or I have to reboot all the machines, but I htink I tried that with one to no avail. Anyone have any thoughts on that one?

2. I sometimes liked a feature on my EdiMax that enabled me to monitor network traffic (I could see who was sucking most bandwidth - usually me!). I cannot seem to find similar function for my LinkSys... does it exist? There are a whole load of neat new things like admin options to schedule times to allow connections and firewall/VPN, but nothing for this that I can find.... unless anyone out there knows different?

Cheers guys! (Next project is to run CAT5 and move the old WAP point to a more advantageous place for garden coverage :) )


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
well folks - I got point one sorted out, no longer broadcasting my SSID and everything operating nicely! In fact just used a 25m CAT5 I had handy to move the Linksys across the room on top of a wardrobe and found I can now use my laptop in the garden, albeit with signal drop to around 18 MBps - but still faster than 802.11b!

Nothing found on 2. but I will live with that, at least my good old EdiMax shows me the total traffic going through to the Linksys, even if not the specific IP's it splits out to.

BUT there has come a significant third problemo... One I cannot fathom (yet).... Whilst all my wireless machines continue to network flawlessly the WIRED ones all seem to have lost ALL their shares and cannot even see the workgroup! I KNOW I set the Linksys to join the same workgroup - what else could there be?

I'll dig around again soon, because this could bug me a lot! But thought someone here might just know or have good ideas for tracing or resolving... Thanks for any input.

[EDIT] Think I found problem - BUT no idea how to solve it!.

Didn;t say, but using DHCP auto-config for Linksys and there is routing that shows the Linksys routed for LAN & Wireless and also shows the IP addie for my EdiMax 802.11b WAP, BUT shows that one as just for WAN and Internet - whereas I am guessing I need something configured in my EdiMax router with the new Linksys broadband router.... HMMmmmm got myself confused now, going to have to ponder more, if anyone needs to ask questions do... there is another EdiMax router which both of these WAPs connect to - it is that one which had my ADSL modem in it also.... just so as you have a picture of the whole setup... and THAT is the one the wired machines plug into - they get internet BUT NO NETWORKING[/EDIT]
we had the same issue here at the office (we're using one as a NAT gateway to the office lan) had to manually route to each pc.

However we removed all the cheap switches and replaced the fwith a Foundrt FWS24 24 Port Managed layer 2 swith and everything is hunky dory.... No idea what that woukd have done...try popping a decent switch bete=ween the wired pcs and the linksys - otherwise I'm just as perplexed as you...

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