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LinkSys Wireless G Router and Wireless PCI Adapter


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Currently using Windows 2000. Keep receiving a "No Association with AP" message when trying to connect to the LinkSys Wireless G router. Have tried with Win XP. Same problem. I have tried a static IP address and dns severs. No joy! I swapped pci adapters with a working compter. Same as before. Spent an hour on the telephone with LinkSys tech. support. Running ipconfig/all shows the connection, but no info., ie., no ip address, dns servers, gateway, etc. The person took me through the same steps I got from their web site. The computer is an Intel PIII running at 750MHz. It has 512 MB of ram. Pinging the router does not work. Earlier today I installed a LinkSys wireless B USB adapter to it and the connection was good. I want to upgrade the network to G. Any ideas. Thanks for the help in advance.


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I had a windows XP machine with the same problem. Basically I tried 3 different linksys Wireless G WMP54G Version 4 (I think) cards, none of them worked. I had a pre-standard wireless G WMP54G card (I think it's classified as version 2) and it worked just fine, I also had a B card WMP11 and it worked fine. I ended up just throwing the B card in as my router is B anyways. Maybe there's something with these new WMP54G cards. Sorry I can't be of more help.


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Thanks for the reply. I also thought the card was defective and returned it for a replacement. Install the new card, same problem. Swapped cards with one from a working wireless computer. The replacement card works flawlessly in the second computer and I still cannot make the one in the orginal computer work. I am still playing around trying different things.


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Yeah I've have some wierd stuff happen with newer linksys products. Anyways if you find a solution and if you can post it that would be great. I'd be really curious on how you got it work, if you get it to work.



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Problem solved! I was using drivers downloaded from the LinkSys web site. Uninstalled adapter and reinstalled using drivers from the installation CD. Works great. Thanks for the replys.

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