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Linksys wireless card prob.



I just bought a new Linksys wireless pci adapter "WMP54G". The problem is that when I installed it, the card installed fine with no problems. I tryed then to go to my network with no luck. The network icon in the systray will say signal is excellent and connected at 11mbs. Then it will lose connection, and then aquire again at 5.5mbs, it will do this until I disable the card. I do have the latest drivers installed. I am not sure but I think it is just a buggy card. I have been setting up networks for a while now and never run in to this problem before.

My network:

Dsl modem provided by ISP
Linksys router: BEFW11S4 (works like a charm)
PCMCIA card: WPC11 (works like a charm in a sony viao laptop)
PCI card: WMP54G (the problem)

The computer with the problem:
Shuttle XPC: SK41G (the shuttle cube)
Athlon XP 1500+
512mb corsair ddr
With WIN XP Pro SP1


Apple lover, PC User
Have you contacted Linksys? They have very good support, I had a problem with my wireless network card for my laptop, within 3 days I got a reply and my problem was fixed. Contact them first, than post again if you are still having problems.


Just contacted Linksys. The tech support rep. said to change to a different PCI slot. I informed her that there is only one PCI slot on the computer, and that took a while to convence her I knew what I was talking about. She said she had never heard of a computer with only one PCI slot. Then she said just return to the store and get a new one and she hung up.


Apple lover, PC User
well i guess there ya go, return it. But I'm curious, how can a computer only have 1 pci slot? Is it a "mini" machine? As for Linksys support you can always try emailing them, get a different and more helpful person maybe? My experience with linksys has always been postive.

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