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Hi guys ..

I'm planning to get the Linksys WAG54G wireless ADSL modem router but i have one unit in the office and it doesn't seem to be pretty stable.

What do you guys think? Any feedback on this unit? I need an ADSL modem what comes with built in wireless router function and switch in it.

Appreciate your feedback. Thanks. :lick:
the WAG54G version 1 was notorious for its firmware/hardware issues which were never resolved, it was a complete and utter failure from linksys, it is now obsolete.

it's sucessor, the WAG54G version 2 seems to be comming along alright, but still has some teething problems

if you would like a rock solid configuration i suggest getting a linksys WRT54g (wireless router) + netcomm NB5 (ADSL 2+ modem, very cheap, very good sync speeds, rock solid in bridge mode). Bridge the modem with the router.

if you would like an all in one solution take a look at the billion 7402x range, they are pretty reliable.

ps. which country do you live in? it can make the selection a wee bit easier cause some solutions are subject to locale :) .
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Netgear DG834GT "Note this product is not available in North America."

Post your country. Standards are different everywhere.


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Just going to say our Dlink makes a a heck of a lot of mains hum.... compare dto the two others we have (Linksys and Edimax).... Lord still wants to get something that has ADSL2 capability - but I am not happy about the premium prices on such products at the moment....


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Right .. I'm from Malaysia and to be honest, I rather prefer something that has everything built-in. Meaning, wireless, router, and modem function already standard. Don't mind paying the premium price, as long as the product is good. :)

I will scout out for Netgear since it is so much recommended :)


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i have a wag54g, had it for 2 years. am just about to replace it with a wag354g i think :D very easy setup and rock solid. is on 24/7/365.


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ok so i just got the wag354g. took me 1 min to setup adsl stuff + that was it!

more options on the setup than wag54g, but just as simple to get going.


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Finally i got my Linksys WAG354G after much consideration. I am checking through the firmware updates in found the latest version to be 1.01.05 and downloaded the file - WAG354G-EU_v1.01.05.tar.bz2.

But I dun know how to upgrade the firmware, i mean is this a zip file or what?

Anyone has any idea?


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Thank you sir .. on a lighter note, I reckon that there is a new firmware for Linksys WAG54G ver. 1.01.29 but can't find it on the linksys website. Any idea where I can download the firmware please?

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Just checked there site, the Firmware button isnt used so Im guessing there is no update available.

Also, I have NEVER seen a firmware provided in tar format, they either come zipped (.zip) or in the actual bin format.


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could have been for linux users as is was a tar.bz2 ;)

Dunno bout new firmware for the wag54g, there always used to be firmware on the site for it, but no more :(

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