Linksys WAG54G-UK?


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I currently own a 3Com 3CRWE754G72-A wireless router/adsl modem and up until recently i have been very happy with it, but it would appear that it may be dying so im am looking at alternatives.

The WAG54G look very interesting and many people seem to like Linksys alot. I for one have never used any linksys product in my life so was hoping for a little help.

At £57 its not too cheap but then it isnt really that expensive also, it appears to have the same/similar functionality to the 3Com which i like. But is there anything i should be aware of?

thanks in advance :)


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use lots of the wag54g's and netgear dg834g's in work..
the netgears far outshine the linksys with 3 major things...

1. better VPN
2. ADSL2+ support (8-24mbit will be in the uk within 6 months)
3. MUCH better wireless range
and the netgears are only a couple of quid extra;) well worth it


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I'm wondering if there are any 'home-user' modem routers that has an active cooler. It's a pain in the neck having to reboot the thing if it overheats in the middle of a download/game especially on a hot summer's day.


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i use a WAG54G here, does it all from 1 box :D

wireless range is great?? in old house i could sit 30/40m up the top of the garden and surf, unfortunatly i dont have a garden that big to test it @ new house but i get a steady conection speed of 54mbps anywhere in house :D

would totaly buy a new one if i had too.


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Electronic Punk said:
Not had to reboot my netgear.
I've had to on my DG814 several times last summer, but haven't done so far this year. I've opened up the thing and found that it has a very small heatsink, which gets very hot when there are continuous data transfers going through the router. :p

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