Linksys The Big Trade-In, G for Free with VOIP


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I don't know how long this has been out, but it expires July 23rd, I'm all over this like white on rice...

"Linksys, the global leader in wireless networking, is offering a unique trade-in program for wireless customers. Trade-in ANY wireless router for a Wireless-G Voice Over IP Router (WRTP54G) … and get two of the latest networking technologies at the same time!** Experience networking speed up to 5X faster than Wireless-B, and significantly cut your telephone costs by using high-quality, feature-rich telephone service from Vonage through your cable or DSL Internet connection. And the hardware costs you nothing!"

Full details here...


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Hardware does cost you something :)

Its free AFTER REBATES. And then there is a monthly fee for services plus early termination fees are applicable.

Fine print is a bizatch but reading it can save one lots of money :)

The Linksys WRTP54G router is free after rebates. Vonage rebates require 90 days enrollment in a Vonage service plan and return of old router. Allow 12 weeks for processing after receipt of application and 90 days enrollment. Broadband Internet connection and Credit Card required. Monthly plans from $14.99. Termination fee may apply. Satellite TV and alarm systems may require land line connection. Dialing 911 requires activation and operates differently than traditional 911. See Vonage website for details regarding 911 dialing. Other restrictions may apply. See for additional details.

**While WRTP54G supplies last!


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Somewhere in the fine print you will find where they say you have to sign up for VOIP for some minimum period.

They are offering free G w/VOIP around here. No trade in required. But you have to sign up for VOIP.

Similar deal to the free cell phone that is costing you $600 a year. The Madison Avenue ad exec. driving his porche around town loves you for it.

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Damn it! Would have been nice. Its the same deal with the Linksys VoIP box. I thought I would buy it @ $25 but u need to subscrive for xx amount of days to get the rebate. Im gonna get it eventually, just not now!

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