Linksys Router with Zone Alarm Pro 3.5

I have a P4 2.4GHz 512MB laptop running XP Home. It is on a small ethernet network, along with another laptop, using a Linksys BEFSR41 V2 Router linked to Zone Alarm Pro 3.5.

When the system starts everything works as expected. Both computers can access NTL broadband and both can share files, disk drives and printers. The link between the router and Zone Alarm is established.

After coming out of hibernation I get an error page from Linksys telling me that the link with Zone Alarm had been broken and that I must reboot. Rebooting is annoying and time wasting.

Is there any other way to re-establish the link or should i forbid hibernation?

If the latter is it XP Home or the laptop doing the hibernation? How can I forbid it?


zone alarm is junk..

ditch that, no problems..

i've NEVER had an issue with my router.. and i don't use a firewall.. they are a waste of time, unless hardware.


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why are you using hibernation anyways? you can just leave it suspended or lock the workstation, hibernation wastes hard drive space, and for cryin out loud, you're on a P4 2.4 ghz, so rebooting isn't even noticeable.

i have to disagree with cashishift, zonealarm is an excellent firewall. look at any good computer site and they will have a very good rank on it. hmm, i wonder why? i virtually configures itself and tells you when there is a new network connection, so by all means, keep using it.

As I am unsure of the difference between suspension and hibernation all i know is that when i close the lid of my notebook the4 VDU is switched off, the light on the optical mouse goes out and when i open the lid I have to log on again as a user.

Perhaps you can tell me whether this is hibernation or suspension?


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hmmm, im not sure....ive never used either of them. you can check though. disable hibernation and close the lid. if the same thing happens (optical light off, etc) the that is suspension. if not, then its hibernation


Stand-By and Hibernation..

If you right click on an empty portion of your desktop and then select properties, screen saver, power and you'll end up where you can configure what you want the computer to do when you close the top (Lid). You can also enable/disable hibernation there.


With a linksys router, I find that if you only map the ports you really need through to your computer, then port scanning and nukes etc shouldnt get through to your computer as the ports will be shutdown by the router. The only concern there is outgoing problems... keep an eye on what you download/run/install, keep a good AV program up-to-date (I use Norton 2003 Pro - although there are sceptics out there who are against anything Norton - so use whatever makes you happy) and a good spyware program (I used to use Ad-Aware - trying to find another good one - I hear theres a good one, cant think of the name off hand, im sure someone knows it). Scan the computer every now and then - you should be fine.

However, its possible its a problem with the hibernate - it doesnt actually close the programs properly like a shutdown - it just saves the RAM onto the HDD and then restores it to RAM on the next reboot to bring the system back to its original state pre-hibernation. Zonealarm is probably realising that as it hasnt been closed properly but is not clicking onto the fact that last time it was on the net was at 3pm and now its 7am - its probably just ditching all connections as a safety measure or whatever.

Possibly something to bring up with Zonealarm tech support or something - maybe there is a FAQ on their site which discusses this?
uh, can i ask a question?

why are you using a router and zone alarm?

the linksys router you mentioned is the same one i use and it has a built-in firewall.

why would you need 2 firewalls? you're not getting "double the protection"...
Somewhere on the Linksys site, or somewhere similar (sorry to be vague) I read that the system is more secure if you have Zone Alarm Pro on each computer and then link the ZA Pro to the Router.

i am very new to networking and I have possible (probably) made a mistake.

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