Linksys Router not working with comcast?!


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I used to have verizon DSL and i used this router with that, and it worked perfectly, i had two computers hooked up to it.

But i recently got comcast cable internet and the linksys router will not work. even with just one computer connected.

I want to connect one computer and my Xbox to the router so they can both use the net at the same time, but at the moment there is no internet connectivity through the router at all, both th xbox and the pc can get an ip address from the dhcp componant in the router, but thats it.

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.



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thats all people say "update to the latest firmware", i know you mean well, but if it was working before on the existing firmware, that is no reason for it not to be working how. BUT i will update it just in case.


first log into the router:
find the page that handles yout WAN and release and renew your IP
You should get a new one, if this doesnt work then unplug the cable modem for about 30 secs plug it back in wait for the sync up on Comcast's side then go back to the router and release and renew. This should work. I have done it on several occasions and as recently as last week after I got Comcast cable access installed at my new place.
BTW I am assuming this is a BEFSR41 (you should always specify what you are using when having issues with hardware) but this work with all versions of Linksys. After you get all that done and if it is working (if should be) then update to the latest version of firmware for the Linksys


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i have tried that also, but i've only unplugged and then plugged in the modem, i'll leave it for thirty secs tonight and see if that helps.


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I know some DSL require require a login name and password so the router needs to use PPPOE to connect to the router. Where as I have yet to see a cable modem need that so the router is set to obtain IP automatically. I'm sorry if i'm pointing out the obviouse.


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thanks for trying to help anyway i think the pppoe is just for adsl, like bts where you need to log in, although i'm not sure if you have to do that anymore.


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ok thanks for reminding me thats another problem, the router is not getting the dns at all. do you think adding it manually will help?

I am using dhcp, but i can just as well turn it to manual configuration


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I use a manual setup because I host games and need a set IP to have ports open. If it fixes the problem, I dont see why you shouldnt use it :p. I would atleast give it a try, and dont use comcast DNS; I switched over to verison DNS and such is much faster now. If you need help setting up a manual connection, let me know :)
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i think i know how to do it.

let me know if this is right?

Turn DHCP off and set the ip range you want to use, in the dns section put in the primary and secondary dns server addresses.

on the computer and xbox enter ip addresses (ie if i choose the range to start from 100, then i could have the xbox on 110 and the pc on 120? does this sound correct?


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just reset the router to the factory settings. There should be a small button you press in the back of the router. Hold this till all the lights flash then let go. This should return the router to the original state. Simply plug the ethernet from the modem to the WAN port and wait a minute and it should get an IP address. No configuring should be needed.


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my router wont work unless i register and clone my MAC address

you probably went through everything but just thought i should add this


there is a page in the config to reset to Factory Defaults...

Also dont be confused between DHCP WAN or DHCP LAN make sure which is which when you turn on / off

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