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Linksys Router + FTP Server

I'm trying to setup a FTP server though my current router but I've been having problems, I've tired forwarding port 21 to another open ports but its just not cooperating with me. Any suggestions would be appriciated, hardware/software listings are below. The problem is getting around the Private network assigned IP given by the router and setting it to accepting the DHCP assigned one from my ISP.

I'm using Telus ADSL and a D-Link ADSL Ethernet Modem. The IP is dynamic.

  • Server IP = Automatic (DHCP is not available, due to the router Serv-U does not even see it, even if I type it in manually)
  • Passive File Transfer = Yes, automatic assigned IP
  • although I am using a personal firewall (Norton Internet Security) bypassing my router and connecting directly to my WAN allows the FTP server to work just fine so no blockage there

(please break any suggestion into simple steps for easier application ;))

And another question does anyone own the BEFW11S4 or a similar model and use the router’s built in Zonealarm and PC-Cillin Anti-Virus features? After all it was built specifically to be compatible with these programs so I wonder if its worth switching back over to them from Norton's.
On the server:
Server IP: This must be your external IP if you want to use passive (and you do).
Passive port range: There should be a setting for this. Choose them as you like (above 1024). A suggestion is 6000-6100 (max 100 connections at one time).
Use passive: Yes

On the router:
Forward ports 21 and 6000-6100.

Since you have dynamic IP (like me) the FTP will stop working if your IP changes. One way to fix this is to get a DNS redirect from www.no-ip.com and type in that instead of "Server IP" (yourserver.no-ip.com). I don't know if this works in Serv-U, but it does in my server (RaidenFTPd).

Good luck! :)
Originally posted by Zedric
On the router:
Forward ports 21 and 6000-6100.

I'm a little confused as to where exactly I should be forwarding these ports to. A pic is inlcuded at the bottem. I would assume to an open port, but why then not just leave the port as is and disable blocking of the current ports?

I've just noticed some alterate port settings, I'll post back.

Well everything works even the DNS forwarding using that site, but once the router goes back into the mix the ports are blocked. So thats the only thing left to do.....as you can see serv-u is working fine.


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Do note, that if you set the ports you want to forward, that passiv will go outside that unless off course you limit it in your FTP server software.


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Run -> cmd -> ipconfig /all

See what your ip is, should be somethin like

Goto router setup page, click advanced -> forwarding

Dont forward port 21, its blocked in some places. Do a port such as 6000. Make sure both TCP and UDP are checked, fill in your ip you got from the ipconfig, and of course check enable.

goto www.no-ip.com, get a dns account. Pick up the dynamic dns client. Start it up. Start the server and see what happens.
chaos, if you ever have troubles again, drop me an email.

i run a private ftp server with serv-u 4.0 on one of my winxp pro boxes and i have a linksys router.

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