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Linksys router direct connect?


Kaila Yu

I've been trying to get direct connect to work on AIM and it doesn't work very well. I can connect to some people, but I can't to most. I'm on Earthlink DSL and I'm using a Linksys BEFN2PS4 router. I once had everything running fine, but I had to reset my router settings due to firmware issues. I can't upload to people on mIRC, and I can't even start my own counter-strike server on the internet.


Your going to have to get into the router to change some settings.. If you have never done this before you need to go to

Run command and type or you can do this from your browser, then the password (if not changed is admin) no username you can change this later, go to the last tab for setup and navigate to your DMz host, and add the last numbers of your ip for instance if it was type in the 103, you can find this in run cmd ipconfig or ipconfig/all or if your using windows 98 or me check winicpfg at the run command... Then u should be able and set... If that doesnt work there is an option in aol instant messenger that lets you use a different address, you can play around with that. It should be fine! I noticed that if another person has a firewalled hub such as yourself it works sometimes depending if they setup their hub as well... Gluck!
Originally posted by neoterixx
I noticed that if another person has a firewalled hub such as yourself it works sometimes depending if they setup their hub as well... Gluck!
I'm being picky but it's a router not a hub. There is a big difference.


Neoterixx: So, DMZ? Well, how comfortable would you be with a computer not protected by a firewall when you paid good money to be behind one in the first place? The DMZ will work for alot of issues but not quite all, even then if it does work, you leave yourself open on every other port. Install ZA or some other firewall you say? Well, then you run the risk of the .exe being compromised, OR, someone not paying attention and allowing some program run to the internet. It could be rename IEXPLORER.EXE its not IEXPLORE.EXE or EXPLORE.EXE, but some ppl, maybe not yourself, may see it and think nothing of it, when it could be a trojan renamed that, and it would get access to the net cuz a look-a-like program, not a trojan.

USE the router, dont ignore it or neglect using it what its designed for. Port Foward, ect, ect. If you dont know how to do that for this particular program or situation, dont just go saying DMZ, just cuz it will open up all ports, supposedly. That would be called the lazy, dangerous way of configuring connection for a program behind a wall.

Nuff said
I agree. If you have the router for protection, you will nullify that protection by using DMZ. Port mapping however can be a pain in the butt. Some programs use dynamic ports (say anywhere between 1024 and 65000) and you don't want to map all those. But in such cases you can probably find a better program.

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