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linksys problem ..


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I just got a Linksys WRT54G four port wireless router and am having a problem with it. What is happening with the router it that none of my chat programs will stay connected, They keep logging off and logging back on. Also, Azureus keeps giving me upnp service errors, when I disable the upnp plug in it works flawless.

I'm not sure if it is the upnp in it or something else, but I never had a problem like this with the netgear I was using before. So if anyone has any idea of what it might be, please let me know ..

Oh, I should mention that I have the latest firmware - 3.03.6, and no third party firmwares installed on it. Any help will be greatly appreciated ..
well i heard that linksys isn't the best router you could get, try reisntalling it maybe it should fix it, upnp i think is plug'n'play devices


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You heard wrong, Linksys are manufactured by Cisco, who I'm sure you are aware... are quite good at making networking equipment.

As for UPnP (Stands for Universal plug-and-play, just for reference) I've had no luck on various hardware with it, could quite possibly be the software I was using (Azureus in most cases) but I find it better to simply disable it.


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Thanx for the info all. Falcongaurd, I am using windows firewall. I disabled it and got the same affect.

If I disable upnp on the router would it affect things like my chat programs and such ?? I know MSN Messenger uses upnp .. I'll try it for a test and see. I just find it weird that I never had this problem with my netgear.

@Fishboy - Linksys are rated as the best router you could buy. I used a couple of them, they all been very good, this is the first time I came across this problem I am having now ..

Thanx for the help guys ..


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FishBoy said:
well i heard that linksys isn't the best router you could get, try reisntalling it maybe it should fix it, upnp i think is plug'n'play devices
I agree D-Link is the way to go :p. My linksys is dreadful.

As far as the disconnecting, that happens when your upload is being used up. It also happens when you are getting port scans....long story :s. If you are using something that is using UL I would try to limit it, and you dont need windows firewall, your router is a hardware firewall, just lets you have more control :p


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I was going to get a dlink. But I went linksys, mostly because of the fact that I know them better. I never used a dlink yet. I also saw were people are having all kinds of problems with them .. If this don't work out any time soon, I might take it back and get a dlink .. Anyhow, if you are using a hardware firewall it is a good idea to use a software firewall, that way you can monitor what is going out.


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o.k .. with upnp disabled on the router it gives the same affect with azureus as it does if I just disable upnp on azureus itself. The chat programs still do the same as before .. This is starting to drive me nuts lol ..


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I used the same router at my old place with none of these problems, and I did not even upgrade teh firmware! Sooooo not sure what that means, except you should not need to take it back or anything, there must be a config or something I set which you have not (but I cannot remember doing anything exceptional, and I am now going through a DLINK).... oh yeah and I was using it as a secondary router to boost my wifi, like a repeater, so it is just possible this problem was being "hidden" because it reverted back to the other signal....


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Well I called linksys, They told me to reset the router. Also, they said that what it could be is a conflict with my modem ip address. So I changed the gateway ip address. Lets see how this works out .. They also told me that if this don't work, take the router back and get another one ..
zeke_mo said:
I agree D-Link is the way to go :p. My linksys is dreadful.
In my experience D-Link is the worst you can get. Tons of problems with them. :D

Rather Netgear then. My current router is a Zyxel. I've had som snags with it, but now it's working great.


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There are security problem regarding uPnP if you've heard a while back.
Linksys have some of the best quality products out there, it just depends on which one you are looking for.

The WRT54G router is probably the most popular one around. :)


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The last one I had worked great, I never had a problem with it .. Why this one is acting lie this is beyong me .. The netgear I had never did this either ... I may just get another netgear .. I don't know .. Either, I'm not going to mess with it anymore, and it's going back ..


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I was on the linksysinfo site and there are a lot of people having the same issue. They are saying it is a linksys defect that they refuse to acknowledge or fix .. Practically everyone of them says take it back and get another brand lol ..


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I think I found the router I am going to get :)
it has a built in usb connection so I can hook my external hd up to it. It's like a file sharer included. It has a built in ftp server so I can axx the hd on line with either an ftp client or web browser .. I like that .. Oh, something else to, the manual for this thing is 180 pages long lol ..

How much is it you ask ?? Well newegg.com has for $97.00 with a $25.00 MIR, so the total is $72.99. Best Buy has it for $150.00, so where would you get it ???
Wow, that's a sweet router. I have a Netgear MR814v2 wireless at the moment. Might end up getting that one when the price comes down a bit.

If you're buying it now, I'd say go with Newegg. They're very reliable, they ship quickly, and there's a pretty significant difference in price there.

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