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Linksys hole


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Linksys hole allows data grab and network crash:02 June 2004
By Matthew Broersma, Techworld.com



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Knew that this would happen ever since the security team discovered that Cisco products had a defect in them.
Besides, Linksys is a Cisco brand (for those who didn't know).


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Posted story in the Security section, Forums Front Page of a different Router, a wireless one made by them.


Different source and problem though. But good heads-up tdinc just the same. :)

I'll go and post. :)

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New Firmware befsr41 v1 v2

There is a new firmware for the befsr41 v1 & v2 got it installed without much hassle, After upgrade all settings were still there.
Small problem with Dhcp, it does not load when boot comp, so i have to untick
Dhcp then tick again and apply to config page and then its ok.
But this is only because i switch comp and all psu's at end of night.
Maybe someone could shed light on why this might happen?


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Was checking out dslreports forum (as I always do before updating my router firmware) and read that some ppl are having to refresh there WAN IP like everyday (some every 1-2 hrs) and then a few are also unable to do any online gaming with disconnect.
BEFSR11 update 6-4-2004 - INCLUDES a BOOTP vulnerability fix.

Check for recent updates for your linksys routers! They finally addressed the vulnerability.
im afraid to upgrade to this version because last time i upgraded firmware i wasent able to play online multiplayer games. what do u guys think? should i install it? also how do i find out which version of the router i have. i know i have the BEFSR41 but i dont know what version.

dee dee

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upgrade or not

Hi dont no much about the on line games bit, but the version number should be on the bottom of the router on a label model no.
Hope this helps ya

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