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6 Jan 2004
Ok, I have a site that uses some php coding. The problem is that I want to create one page that generates everything. I want it to get the info from the url and produce the right content. Say like, I have a index.php (which loads the stuff I posted when you first enter) file and there is a link to the faq page, I want to click on the link ( something like <a href="index.php?faq>faq</a>)

then the index.php file will produce the faq file instead of the stuff I posted.

do you get what I'm saying? sorry, I really think of a way to explain it.

Well kinda like the ntfs main page, the links are like

Yeah, so basically you divide your index.php page into blocks of code, such that each block generates code for a certain section.
Your links would look something like index.php?page=faq or index.php?page=images and so on.

Your index.php page would then look something like:
if($page == faq) {
 // All the code generated specific to the FAQ page
else if ($page == images) {
 // All the code generated specific to the Images page
else {
 // The page that should be displayed by default if no variable is passed 

You could also use a switch/case structure rather than if/else if you feel more comfortable with that.

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