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Linking two Wireless Routers


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I have a Westell DSL Wireless router and a Netgear Wireless router. I have two XP machines connected to the Westell (one wired one wireless). I have another machine I want to connect to the Netgear downstairs. Since I can't run a cable downstairs I thought I'd try to connect the two routers somehow. They both have RIP and Route capabilities but I'm not sure what to do.

Any help would be appreciated...
Go to the web sites for the routers you have. See if they can be configured as a wireless bridge.

"Is a wireless bridge the same as a wireless repeater?"
Umm, ahhh, sort of. For a repeater to work it is essentially bridging two seperate Wireless LANs.

The issue you will run into is which router is assigning DHCP addresses. You may need to setup static addresses on your remote wireless LAN.

Post the Model numbers for the Westall and the Dlink and we can look at what capabilities they have built in.

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