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Link not auto-shortening itself


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OK, that's not the right terminology, but hear me out. Previously, whenever I inserted a lenghtly link into a post, when I click the submit post button, it makes the link much shorter so it doesn't stretch the page. However, when I just did the same thing, the link stayed really long and stretches the page out.


I could have fixed it myself by just typing text and putting the URL behind it, but since this appears to not be functioning properly, I wanted to leave it so I can report it.


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@madmatt - I am sure there are a certain number of characters, but I have never seen one stay that long before if you view the post I referenced in my OP.

@mastershakes - I agree I could do it that way, and I mentioned I could fix it in my OP, but I wanted to point out that something I have noticed in the past, doesn't appear to be working that way anymore...

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