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Link History/IE favorites?

When I click onto my forum site link from my favorites or any search engine it takes me to previous posts, and doesn't show my forum replys. It seems the links show up more quickly then other link sites. I've downloaded web accelerator programs to try out but I've deleted them, but it appears a web accelerator still works on this forum site I go to because it doesn' remember current replys/posts to the forum, "that is why I got rid of those stupid web accelerators! ) Any suggestions. thanks...
I think your problem is how IE is cacheing web pages - I've got mine set to Automatic in the Internet Options and I find browsing forums (this and others) to be fine, with the latest page always showing.

If you really want to make your Favourties folder show what's in the History folder though, just use TweakUI and change the path used for Favourites to match the path used for History - works for me :D

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