Lineage 2 goes Open Beta


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3 Dec 2002

NCsoft releases Lineage II Open Beta plans! 03/24/2004
On March 24, NCsoft revealed its plans for Open Beta testing for Lineage II. The biggest news was the non-deletion of Open Beta characters, so that players can continue playing their Open Beta characters into commercial launch!

The Open Beta test will begin on March 28th. Be sure to check out details for the great promotional contests we'll be running during the Open Beta!

Fun MMORPG, dueling, guilds, leveling, weapon upgrades, crafting, castle owning, castle seiging, clan battles, questing.

1 month of Open Beta, then 1 month free with game purchase. Might as well check it out for 1 month.. it is Free!
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I have it downloaded, will be trying it out tomorrow most likely, may be tonight
open beta doesnt start till tomorrow anyway where did youd ownload it from? there main sites west coast sever went down was at 400megs all lost now :( anyone know of a torrent or mirc client sending it?
Going to make a torrent, i'll post when it's uploaded and give a link. right now i'm trying to zip that mofo. 1.1 gigs is alot
*bangs head on desk* too tired, can't get it to work. will try again tomorrow, been a heck of a day for me
Thanks hopefully the torrent will work today the west coast server is still down :(
suprnova has the torrent up now but im only getting 2kb :( hopefully it will speed up im only seeing one seeder though so might not be the best choice of download areas but its all i can find
Finally got on to play for a bit and am finding it yawn inducing. "Go here, kill these, get stuff, and bring them back" quests. It looks brilliant and runs well on my craptastic video card. But, I wanted to make a Dark Elf and the damn things run like pansies.
Yeah Dark elfs do run stupid and the girls wear thongs you would think those would really hurt with all the running and fighting they do but anyway the game is fun once you get past the first few quests that are just run around bring **** back. im a level 9 DE mystic now on sighart but the server is always down so cant play too much :( server is down again so thats why im here :)
anybody gone retail? i did.. let me know, and maybe we can grind together.

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