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Lineage 2 Beta 2

Hi all

I Downloaded Lineage 2 Beta 2 was over 1GB and ive created an account but when i enter my ID and Password on the main Screen i get Something about my time has expired n should go to the Lineage website to make it longer or something? but when i get there, there is no way to do this? and also i created the account last nite as the download finished last nite n i have never been able to log into the game so how has it expired? lol

Please help




OSNN Senior Addict
Not sure if you saw on there web page but the open beta doesnt start till midnight tomorrow so you wont be able to log on till then.


OSNN Senior Addict
no problem :) if i were you i would start trying to log in every hour today and then around 11 to midnight i would try every 5min or so to ensure a spot on the server you want and the name you want :)

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