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Line attenuation stats...


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I am unsure what would be good in this area for an ADSL line....

here are mine and could others provide theirs....

xDSL linestate up (downstream: 768 kbit/s, upstream: 416 kbit/s; output Power Down: 16.0 dBm, Up: 11.5 dBm; line Attenuation Down: 63.5 dB, Up: 31.5 dB; snr Margin Down: 6.5 dB, Up: 5.0 dB)
I am having issues with my VPN service crapping out so often it is almost unuseable and I am having to revert to Citrix, which I do not enjoy. Anyone else having any such problems? And could attenuation be the problem?
that downstream attenuation seems okay, that'd be around 30 on adsl2 that Bethere was. We were running with 15dbm which dropped our speed from 24 to 16mbps.

Citrix is better than VPN though :) More tollerant of flaxy dsl connections.

I'd call BT and have them run a line check.


I may actually be insane.
According to Google Earth, in a straight line, about 0.4 Miles / 672 Metres.

Via roads etc, it's about double that... though of course I don't know exactly where the line runs :)

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