Lindows Anyone ?



I just payed to become an "insider" on the new Lindows OS.
Never used linux of any description and thought I'd try Lindows after seeing one of my work collegues using it.
Dowloaded the iso and installed on my 60gig 2nd drive d:
Installed in 15 minutes .. picked up ALL my hardware and cable internet connection with NO problems .. must admit, I was impressed .. dual boots with WinXP on C: and I'm now learning how to use a new OS which seems very stable.
Anyone else tried Lindows and if so any problems with the installation and running ?
Running it on one of my Kid's computers, he's 8 and playing with Lindows, kid is smart anyway, like his old man. had no problems with install or anything.



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I heard Lindows isn't good, and if you want a linux build, get the one that doesn't uses Windows file system (at least that's what I heard :rolleyes: )
nah ain't nothing wrong with lindows, it's just different and the die hard linux fans are blowing smoke.

It ain't perfect by any means but I have never found a OS that is yet.

Lindows looks different from all other Linux releases, and well, I agree that die hard Linux fans are really blowing off steam about it... ICEMAN! Great job with introducing your kid to Linux. thats plain awsome.


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The only problem with Lindows was it aimed WAY to high in its initial press releases, its first goal was to be a linux distro that will run ANY windows app ... out the box, which obviously wasn't gonna happen over night (which is what people wanted).

Having never used it i can't judge it, but im gathering its just a nice and simple to use distro?
it's really simple to use, have never seen a more simpler distro for Linux, is it for everybody? no, it's not nowhere near as powerful as the other distros, in some cases it's too simple.

But for some n00b to start messing around with Linux, it would be a great distro for hem to get thier feet wet first.