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I'm running XP home on one machine at home with three users. I'm wondering if there is a way to set different limits to IE and other browsers access to the web dependening on which user is logged on? Possibly eliminating the use of certain browsers to certain users or changing the settings based on user?


Limiting in what way? Blocking alltogether? Only/not certain sites? Only/not certain times?

Generally I'd say no, at least not without third party software of some kind. A long shot would be a good software firewall.


Thanks for the earlier reply. Here's more about what I'm seeking to do, hope this helps clear up my intentions.

Each user of the machine has their own login name. I am the only one with Admin rights.

For one user I want to prevent them from using Netscape & Opera, forcing them to go through IE for any web browsing that they may do.

I have another user who I want to prevent using any of the browsers on the machine all together.

What I'm also trying to figure out is if I can limit (limiting the sites & downloads) IE for one user can access while not having any blocks for myself.



I have tried to find an option for something similar to what you are asking, but I have never found a solution. I have a 10 year old I do not want to be able to download anything, at all. Nothing. Why?? Because he has this amazing ability to find older versions of things and istall them over my newer amount of "DON"T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING WITHOUT ASKING" seems to do any good because he does what he wants anyway....blah!

But the best I have ever been able to come up with is to make him a restricted user so he can't install anything damaging and I run Norton Internet Security which has options to restrict where he can surf based on the level I give permissions's not quite as strict as I'd like it to be and somehow, he still manages to frag my comp up everytime he touches boggles me...but he cannot get to porn sites and he hasn't done any damage to the OS itself since restricting him so I guess i got some of what I wanted....

If you get an answer to what you seek that works, I'd like to know so I can implement the restrictions as well.
The firewall could be a good idea for site/time blocking users.

As for the browser blocking I suggest you just block the program folders for Opera and Mozilla. Just set them to DENY all from the particular user in the security settings of the folders.


WindowsXP Professional comes with the *Local Security Policy* console under Administrative Tools. That console is designed to do just what you need.

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