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Limiting Bandwith


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Hey all

Can someone tell me if there is a way, and how, to limit bandwith to a computer.

I have a network LAN of 5 computers, including one machine that connects to the net via modem, that the other 4 machines connect through via ics/proxy.

Now one of the 4 machines is taking lots of bandwith due to downloads etc.
I dont want this.
I want to let him have x amount of bandwith to my choice so that he doesnt slow down the rest of the lan.
Leedog: Well if you configure them badly enough it will affect performance, yes. But it's really a very bad idea.

akash: There are some ways. All of them are, as far as I know, "not worth it".
1. Proxy with bandwith limiting. Some proxy software can throttle the bandwith I think. But you don't want to use proxies. Trust me.
2. Windows 2000 Domain Server with QoS configured to throttle the bandwidth of certain workstations. I don't think I need to say why this is overkill.

If anyone know of a trick to get around it, I'll be happy to hear it! :)

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