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13 Jan 2002
hey guys well i know ive seen this somewhere where u can make an admin account on windows xp but limit him to what he can do. but its not on the user accounts menu. because i need to do this for my yearbook class because we use adobe pagemaker and to use it properly u need to be logged in as an admin, and our schools usernames are an admin and student (which is a limited account) so i decided to make a new admin name called yearbook password protected, but we need to be able to like not allow it all the rights of a normal admin, where would we do that? i wanna be able to install programs for sure cuz im the techi in there and dont want to have the teacher log in everytime i wanna install something! but like not remove programs i guess and play around with system files, cuz others in the class will also be using this username.
If you want to enable permissions to install files, it's pretty hard to prohibit their
removal too. Windows does have a power user profile template that has around 95%
of the privileges the admin logon enjoys.
Generally, you will not be able install files, and then not delete them and vice-versa.
afaik, it's a read/write based permission that you need tweaking, but you have specified conflicting permissions.
You need write permissions to delete files as well as write them.
Could you not organise something with your teacher, and use the "run as" command to
install apps, but keep the deletion locked out by default on the logged in a/c?
ok how about just locking the control panel is there a way to do that?
i want something like the access manager that can restrict different logins is there somthing like that that is free or more professional looking?
ok guys i found out that he only wants it so the yearbook account can not remove or change the password for the admin account well to change it they need to know the password but to remove it u can just remove it, so is there a way to disable user accounts in the yearbook account or hide it from the control panel? i tried using gpedit.msc but it sets that to all the usernames not just one i couldnt figure out how to make it only for the yearbook username
well i found out how and here is a reg file that does it u can rename it if u want i uploaded it just to help regain its helpful database of knowledge


  • Year Book.rar
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Nice one themafia_69 :cool:
Contents of file..
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\don't load]

You should add this to perris' Favourite Tweaks thread ;)

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