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3 Dec 2002
wondering if there is a way to limit a certain amount of resources of my CPU to software. I only want a game I play to have 70% of the CPU, not 100% which is currently takes up.. any way to limit this?
uhm.... i don't think there is a way to limit that. there may be, but i don't think there is. Doing so may also degrade the performance of said game. Anyone else agree/disagree/know of such a program?
the specs for the game are "recommended 1gig" and i have a 2500XP.. if i knocked it down to 70%, i assume it would be running at around 1.75GHz, which leaves me 750mhz to have my MP3 player on, and ventrilo (a free voice chat for guild communication)
That is what hyperthreading is for ;)
i may be wrong about this but seting priority in the task manager to the other programs might help. but this can lead to unstable conditions. Anyone have a comment on that. I
yeah. HyperThreading rules for games. i remember on my Celeron 1.2 (yes, i know, 1.2GHz ESPECIALLY in a celeron ain't much to begin with) whenever i minimized a game, it would take a few minutes for my desktop to show up if it was a heavily graphical game like UT2k3 or somethin like that. now it only takes a couple seconds to a minute at most.

i think changing priority won't have that kind of effect. not sure though.

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