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limit cpu resources

wondering if there is a way to limit a certain amount of resources of my CPU to software. I only want a game I play to have 70% of the CPU, not 100% which is currently takes up.. any way to limit this?


The One and Only
uhm.... i don't think there is a way to limit that. there may be, but i don't think there is. Doing so may also degrade the performance of said game. Anyone else agree/disagree/know of such a program?
the specs for the game are "recommended 1gig" and i have a 2500XP.. if i knocked it down to 70%, i assume it would be running at around 1.75GHz, which leaves me 750mhz to have my MP3 player on, and ventrilo (a free voice chat for guild communication)


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i may be wrong about this but seting priority in the task manager to the other programs might help. but this can lead to unstable conditions. Anyone have a comment on that. I


The One and Only
yeah. HyperThreading rules for games. i remember on my Celeron 1.2 (yes, i know, 1.2GHz ESPECIALLY in a celeron ain't much to begin with) whenever i minimized a game, it would take a few minutes for my desktop to show up if it was a heavily graphical game like UT2k3 or somethin like that. now it only takes a couple seconds to a minute at most.

i think changing priority won't have that kind of effect. not sure though.

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