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Limit Bandwidth on a shared host ?


I may actually be insane.
Couldn't think of anywhere to put this, so coding shall suffice.. Does anyone know if it's possible to enforce a 'soft' bandwidth limit on a shared host using some form of .htaccess-like magic ?

Basically I have a site on a shared host, and wish to impose a bandwidth limit on a sub-domain I have created, and CPanel offers no options to do so.


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There is currently no way to do this. There are no modules to limit the transfer, and even if there is, none of them accept it from .htaccess to stop people from changing their designated in httpd.conf file amount.
thought things like mod_bandwidth and/or mod_throttle would do something like this but they have to be installed on the host first


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mod_trotthle is the only one out of those two that can do it in the first place, but it has to be installed by the host, and then the values are controled by the host putting them in httpd.conf

Useless to him anyways.


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A couple questions that are related ... kinda ... so I'm not going to bother creating a new thread.

1. Is it possible to limit the speed of data Apache serves up to the web for the entire installation?

2. Is there a way to configure Apache where you put it into "maintenance" mode and instead of it serving pages as normal, it would serve a plain text page that says something. Sort of like putting it on pause, but notifying the users who might be using it that it is on pause.
you can limit or Traffic shape things to port 80 using something like ipfw and dummynet, the maintainance mode, I am not sure of, I have never tried and I havent got time to google for it at the mo

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