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I just installed Limewire onto my friends Vista Laptop.

but when I open it up, it changes my system to the non-areo setup..

but when I downloaded Limewire it said it supported Vista.....so why is it doing that?


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Explain that more....so whats the problem, just thats its not Pro?

but I'm sure I had it running with areo before..
Yeah I assume its one of those pissy things companies get to make you buy the full product. (I can see that happening alot more often now) Though if it has been running before with Aero installed then try a fresh, install again just incase there were any corruptions in that one that you weren't informed of


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I am using limewire pro with vista and have no issues with it at all. Do you have the latest version ??


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I have the same problem with Frostwire (Same thing as Limewire)
I don't really care though.
I also have the same problem when using the Divx web player.
Does anyone have problems connecting to the network on limewire?
I have been lately.

Oh, and you can get the pro version of limewire, by searching limewire pro, in the program search, in limewire. :p
Frostwire is the pro version of limewire basically, it has the "Turbocharged" setting in limewire for free.


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something to do with certain java programs trying to use direct3d, the problem is not necessarily limited to vista, just more noticeable with aero being disabled. for what reason i don't know, but try updating java to the latest version. to test it, try forcing anti-aliasing in your drivers and then running limewire. your text should become blurry.


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That was the problem, should of known, but I guess since I don't use those kinds of programs on my computer I wouldn't know.

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