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Like Norton System Works?

Hi all

Is there anything out there, Free or Purchase like Norton System Works 2003 that doesnt eat up more memory than Norton System Works?


From Ste_W
ste_w I was having the same problem with Systemworks 2004 and comtemplated some alternatives but couldn't find an answer to any program that came close to Systemworks capabilities but it was big on sucking up my CPU but I really liked the "one button checkup" option . What I did was uninstalled the whole thing and installed "One Button Checkup, Norton Utilities, and Norton Ghost" and didn't install the NAV and instead installed AVG for my anti-virus program. I found this was much less of a drag on my CPU's. Just a thought if you don't find anything you like..


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Back in the day when I used SystemWorks, Ontrack SystemSuite was a big competitor. I haven't followed those utility programs much lately though.

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