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Lights and flares in RTCW !

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
It's quite hard for me to explain, to describe what happens, but here it is:

On the first pic (RTCW1.jpg), the light comes from a torch in the upper right corner of the screen, and now look at the "circle" in the center of the screen, it is moving along with the moves of the torch's flame and quite matches the scope of the flame's light.

On the 2nd, it may be more obvious (RTCW2.jpg). The black moving line is always on the ground. Unfortunately, I didn't manage on this pic to capture the very same weird effect surrounding the flare produced by the gun, some kind of thin black line moving like a snake biting its own tail in geometrical zigzags.

As you may have notice from what I attempted to explain, it has to do with lights rendering, and I don't know which factor/otion causes this.

On the hardware side: I have two options in the bios that are greyed:
- AGP Fast Write Control [Enabled]
-Video Memory Cache Mode [USWC]

My specs are as follows:
WinXP Pro SP1, Athlon XP 1800+, Tt Volcano 7, ASUS A7V333, 256Mo pc2700, ATI RADEON 7500 (AGP 4X), IBM DTLA 7200RPM 30Go, IBM DTTA 7200RPM 9Go, Toshiba DVD SDM1212 (6x), Sony 420GST (19'', 1600*1200*75Hz), SBLive value, PSU:350w.

I hope I gave you all needed details for you to help me. But do not hesitate to ask me some more I could give you.

Thank you in advance !


Political User
You mean the lines on the floor?

If you've played RTCW before without the problem think what's changed since - I notice you've loaded sp1, has the problem happened since then?

I haven't seen anything like that in RTCW - have you loaded the latest patch for RTCW (1.7 is it? can't remember...) if you have and are playing old saves on the new version that could be it because it does say they might not be compatible.

What about your Video card drivers, are they current?

If they are can you revert to an older version?

Well that's me - for more technical advice contact the real boffins!

Bon!, Je suis nase-broque - au revoir!!


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