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Light Show 2006

Hey Guys,

I have been working on a new project for this year - a christmas light show!
Just wondering if any of you have had experience with sequencing lights with music. Right now everything is being planned as manual operation using micro pushbutton switches for each channel consisiting of loads around 1.5Amps = Approx 400 lights. I am planning 50-60 channels totaling 20-25k mini lights (non-LED) .

I started working on computerized operation, however I do not have the knowledge of programming to the exact detail required in the sequence using basic or c++.

Any knowledge you all might have on the subject would be helpful in my next few months of planning and designing.

marge said:
Did you just say Christmas? It's only August for god sake,Christmas is a banned word in this house till Dec 1st :dead:
Well... If i go the pre-sequenced route, It may take a few months to get the bugs worked out

tdinc said:
email the guy who started it all. im sure he would help you
Thanks for the link, I might just do that...

I'm assuming noone tried this over here on osnn?


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I agree the site could be a little bit easier to read.

Quite frankly, didn't want to stay too long as it would have taken too much effort/energy to read the text :p
Well. Maybe I'll change it to #999/#000... I have been viewing it on a laptop LCD and it looked pretty good contrast wise, on my desktop's CRT it looks kinda dim.

Any Ideas on how I can modify my JVC camcorder to not autofocus? It is creating a blur when the lights flash. I am probably just going to get another camcorder that can manually focus. So far my 4.1mp digital camera has better video footage of the display :eek:

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