Life on Mars?

Is/was there life on Mars?

  • Yes, intelligent life.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yes, but only small organisms.

    Votes: 13 76.5%
  • No, not at all.

    Votes: 4 23.5%

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27 Dec 2001
All the discussion of the Mars mission had me wondering what people believe about Mars. Take part in the poll and explain your answer if you like. :)
I think there was but now only remnants and small organizms.

Maybe climate changed too severely, planetary orbit shifted and either killed off most life on Mars or it left. Maybe...
only small orgasms

errrrm organisms :p
life may have been possible once and I sure hope we find some signs if there was :)
I think there is plenty of life out in the universe (prove me wrong, wenches :p) however it is all of equal or lesser intelligence, else we would of been contacted by now ;) just as we are slowly being able to gather more information about locations further and further away from our planet, other races may be doing the same, and one day we may possibly contact, or be contacted... not just yet though, we suck too much at the moment :p
Well, as far as I remember from the last I read up on the subject isn't mars supposed to have frozen water? and if frozen water exists then its possible that life could have existed

whether it does now is a different story. You need more samples for that.
I don't think there is any life on mars.. I think the life we will find is on Jupiter.. for some reason i think there is life there.. I know there are other people out there some where and i know we've been visited before by aliens.... they probably think we're too stupid to bother with so they just come observe and move on... maybe one day we'll get aliens that come in peace and help our civilations advance...
Interesting that nobody voted for intelligent life. I figured someone around here would believe there was some.
XpGuy - I think you mean Io (its moon) not jupiter which is belived to contain an ocean under a thick layer of ice.

Future probs are planned for Io, some of which will drill through the ice and have a peek at whats there...

Looking at recent events i say good luck acomplishing something THAT complex, but i would love it if there was a mini sub under the ice on IO with a big searchlight and a camera feeding back video.

Sheet, i would love to be that cameraman. My imagination runs a little wild when you concider what could be down there.... (im betting its freezing its nuts off whatever it is tho :D)

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