Lexmark x83 problem...


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Hey...My friend has a lexmark x83 that prints and scans. Well...they lost the power cord and then we couldnt find one at the store so we stopped looking for like 4 months untill last week i thought why not look on google. So we found one and we plugged it in and now it says the cover is open. I think it means the cover where u open and check the ink and **** like how it moves into the middle of the printer so u can take the ink out. Well it is closed and still says its open. I just updated the firmware and still didnt do anything. It's not a driver problem cause the printer has a lil screen and thats where it says its open. So does anybody know what to do? I am goin crazy over this.


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Have you made sure the cartridges are sitting correctly?
Are they brand new ones or have they been refilled at all?
What happens when you open the front cover? Do the cartridges move to the middle? What firmware are you using? - Have u tried the X73 drivers?


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the cartridges are sitting correctly, they r the same as always but she has only used the printer like 5 times. WHen i open the front cover the cartridges are already in the middle unlike when they move when u open it. i am using v 5.81 for the firmware. Also i havent tried the x73 drivers cause it wouldnt make sense cause the drivers wouldnt have anything to do with the problem.

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do u hear a faint "click" when you close the cover? That would be sounds of a switch to let the printer kno the cover is open, Im thinking either the switch is gone or the door isn't hitting it.


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clicks and does nothing...... no sliding and moving? That is bad - RMA the printer!

PS wtf - how do you "LOOSE" a power lead?!!! :p


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She has daycare and she has moved the computer like 2 times in the past year or so that should explain it :). She has had the printer for almost 2 years so u still think they would fix it?


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I have the same printer. :p Did you go thru the menu and make it kinda reset itself or anything (realigned printhead ect)?


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yes Xie...but like i said drivers wouldnt have anything to do with it.

a1...on the LCD it says cover open and since it says that its like its locked from doin anything untill its "closed".


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power cord for lexmark x83

I am looking for a power cord for the Lexmark 83, can you tell me the details on the power cord so I can start looking for one for myself.

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