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Lexmark or HP printer?



I'm looking at buying a new printer....eithe r a Lexmark or HP, which brand have you had a good or bad experience with? I've got a Xerox all in one right now and the thing will NOT work on my computer...it works one day and not another.


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Originally posted by Arniestan1
I prefer Epson, but I'd go with HP over Lexmark. You might want to see what the cartiages cost then maybe you'll go with Epson too.
Don't just presume running an Epson printer is cheaper just because it costs less to buy the ink! If you compare the quantity of an Epson ink cartridge to that of an HP one, you can clearly see that HP has nearly double the amount of ink - therefore they will cost nearly the same to run using the same quantity of ink.

Go for an All-in-one HP. I wish I had. :p
Got the HP photo 7350 at the moment.


I would choose HP over Lexmark any day. I run 2 HP's and an Epson Photo 1280. Alot depends on what you are using the printer for. For instance I run an HP 6L for everyday B & W printing, and HP OfficeJet V40xi for letters with graphics and the Epson purely for photos. The cost of ink IMO is secondary to dpi output. All inks are more expensive than they need to be.


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I agree with roban on the type of use for the printers, but it's unlikely that anyone would want to have 3 printers though.
A basic printer for normal printing is fine, adding to this the photo printer is just for professional/high quality prints for important documents (presentations) and photos of course.


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i have a lexmark Z53 and it rocks :cool:

very fast + economical with the ink, it can go from a draft copy up to A4 photo's :p

the cartridges aren't that expensive in comparison.

lexmark produce some very fast, high quality printers @ very resonable prices.


I've got the HP 7350 Photosmart Printer...seems HP and Microsoft are sleeping in the same bed....when it comes to compatiblity and drivers...Lexmark is not doing so good with Driver issues and updates from what I've been reading.


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At my work place, we've had so many customer problems with installation of Epson printers. It seems that when installing on Windows XP, the drivers had to be installed through device manager rather than the traditional method straight off autorun.


Thanks for all your help...I may go for the Lexmark Z75M All in One...but there's one more thing. My Xerox WorkCentre M940 just shows up as USB Composite Device under Device Manager...I'm not sure what the problem is. Any suggestions? I've reinstalled the driver about 10 times.

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