Lexmar jump drive shows conflicting driver

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by the_donner, Feb 26, 2005.

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    I recently purchased the lexmar jump drive. I plugged it into my laptop (HP Omnibook 6000) thats about 3 years old and the plug and play detected it and it worked fine. When I got home from work and plugged it back into the laptop, first the laptop locked up while it was booting. I pulled the jump drive out and it finished booting up with no problem. As soon as I put the jump drive back in and go to device manager it locks up again. When I click on "My Computer" it does not show as a drive. When I reboot in "safe mode" it seems to work fine. It shows as a drive that I can access. I then uninstalled it and rebooted in reguliar mode and when I plugged the drive in, the plug and play begins to install it but then windows (2000) kicks in and wants to install it's own generic driver and won't let the Jump Drive finish installing and then locks up. If your following along, I rebooted back in safe mode .. and accessed device manager which is showing a conflick with the drivers. The driver it has installed is "C:\winnt\inf\usbstor.inf . The strange part is at some point while working with it I was able to access the driver and reconfigure and it worked fine, however during the process it locked up and while trying to do it again, it defulted back to the wrong driver and now I can't get it to update again. I know this is confusing but I could really use some help !
    Thanks Don