Lets win the Ferrari !



OK guys lets make one super duper XP-erience team and win this car !

We could do like www.distributed.net

Turn 10,000 PC's into one big ONE !

As long as i get the car as it was my idea.



okay... lets think about this... distributed.net is currently brute forcing a 64bit cipher from RSA... that has currently taken 4 years and an estimated 1 year to go. I don't know about you but the prize money wouldn't even cover the electricity used up by some of those people.

This ferrari challenge. Its using a 1 million bit cipher. Think about it... brute forcing is out of the question, it'll take a very smart person to decipher this one peeps. Of course, they could be lying outta their ass about it being a 1million bit cipher (hey... we never know) but the chances of us completing this challenge by august by doing this distributed.net style is non-existant.

Read the website, they know for sure that it cannot be brute forced at this present moment in technology. It'd just take too long. It'll definetly be brute forceable in a few decades but we're in the here and now. Short of stealing the password from the meganet offices, no-one is going to win that ferrari, i'm pretty sure the president of meganet will be the one enjoying the use of this ferrari from all these companies wanting to buy his technology.

But hey, good luck to anyone who wants to try and break the algorithm and win the ferrari. But remember, you have to replicate what you've done to the meganet people so be very careful and note down what you're doing every step of the way. Wouldn't want the hacker (and i use this term the old school way) who finally does decipher this and get shafted by the people at meganet because of this little term.

Good Luck to ya'll


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11 Feb 2002
You get the car? Ummm...OK that sounds like a great idea. :rolleyes: Can I borrow it on Wednesdays and alternate weekends? :p


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6 Dec 2001
Actually this isn't as hard as what distributed.net is...because meganet allows you t download the program that can decrypt the file...all we have to brute force is the password, not the encryption :)


true enough... but you'd hope that the people at meganet encrypted the password PGP Key style but then again... they could be stoopid people at meganet... lets hope not... cause this cipher is actually a nice step in security on the net.


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2 Dec 2001
well... the best idea is to cut up the car into 10 000 equal peices and distribute equ...


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