lets talk about STOCKS!! yay

OK, I want to invest in stocks. But nothing big lol....just around 30 bucks or something. Can anyone recommend what to invest in? I heard Hersheys was good @ this time b/c valentines day and etc. Also, can someone give me a program that studies stocks b/c i remember seeing one that told you when to buy and sell, it was neat!


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Good luck trying to invest anything less than say $1000, I know some pretty good investment officers at prudential, but they wont look at you unless you've got $200K or more.


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You can't invest $30. No brokerage house will look at you with that litle money. Less than a few grand in an account and they will charge you a maintenance fee that will eat the 30 in about a month.


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there are some free online 'game' type sites that allow you to invest some imaginary money (you start with a certain amount on the site) and you can chart how you are doing on a daily basis with your investments...

if you do well enough there you may want to consider real life investing but like the others have said... $30 is pittance... most decent stocks COST $30-ish bucks m8... :)

take a look-see how you do on the 'game' stock investing and then go from there is what my advice is coz you can polish your skills there :)

g.luck m8... stocks are a lot of fun.. if I had some money I would invest but as is I follow some here and there for the heck of it :)


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There are plenty of online traders that will take almost any amount of money

looking around, most seem to be UK ones. or at least the seem to be

Not knowing the full details of course (or understanding everything) but this one looks like it will
there are others


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Get some IBM stocks. They are making the CPUs for the next Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo consoles....they are going to make a ton of money.

But like people here said, you might want to do some "virtual" trading to get a hang of it first. ;)


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ibm took a hit with their reworking of their low-k dielectric setup since it was flawed and nvidia is not quite happy with their implementation...

but.. they do have some big contracts and don't forget their apple and amd connection :)


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