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Lets get you folks brains working!

I have 3 hdd's setup as follows:

SATA1 - Hitachi T7K250
SATA2 - Hitachi T7K250
SATA3 - Seagate 200GB

Why does windows tell me that the seagate is disk 0, the drive on SATA2 is disk 2 and the drive on SATA1 is dik 1???

Having just spent 45 minutes moving cables around (and replacing sata cables as the two for the hitachi's were intermittantly loosing connection somewhere inside the cable sheath) I'm a bit miffed that windows wont label them up in physical order.

I could probably figure it out but I'm heading to bed so I've probably missed something obvious :)

Bounce ideas at me (obvious or otherwise)!


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Well, since you said obvious, here it goes :p

Have you double-checked your motherboard documentation to ensure you have SATA1, SATA2, and SATA3 correct in your head? I have seen some pretty screwy arrangements that may not be obvious to the eye. They are labeled on the mobo as well, if you can't find your book. How does the BIOS show them?

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