Leopard will have MONSTER icons

Large icons are being put into place for resolution independance and accessibility.

No need to get all arsey about it just because Vista does something better/worse/different. It's just a feature.
I for one welcome our new MONSTER icon overlords. </slashdot>
Neato!!! Now when we project our Leopard's desktop onto clouds, the icons won't be "fuzzy" :p

Actually though, it is just a matter of hidden qualities that apple takes into consideration- of course this huge icon size is unessisary, however the fact that they once again went above and beyond the norm is what people expect out of their mac. All in all - YAY for Apple for starting a new fad for m$ to catch up to (and try to steal!):laugh:
puts a bee in the bonnet...

Ya' know really, really small icons that blow up to screen size would be cool. :D
perhaps apple wants is to use the new icons from 20 ft for a dart board... Who knows. Idart.. coming to you

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