Leo Laporte, TechTV Split


Penguin Rancher
9 Feb 2002
Those who fancy themselves "geeks" were recently taken rather aback when one of the staples of TechTV (a cable/sattelite network that focuses on technology) severed the chain holding it to one of its anchors: Leo Laporte.

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*sniff sniff* NUUUUUUU!!!!!! hey, we should try to get Leo to join osnn.net. :D that would be fun
Well he seem to have lots and lots of useful and helpful info its a shame that this happened but hopefully he'll be back, until I say get him to join here
Ah thats why he's leaving just after getting what he wanted (Call For Help). Not sure I'm going to watch TechTV anymore if they can treat a founder like that ...
Call For Help sucks...it seems to childish. TSS is the best show...i dont have dish but when i go to my dads house or somebody who has dish i try and watch TSS. I unno what it is like now but it prob aint the same :(
Well that's a shame - he seemed to be one of the only hosts that could offer real, helpful, non-stupid information (I'm talking to you patrick - you annoying bastard! Notice my lack of capitalization on your name!!)

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