Lego mindstorms and winxp!?


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7 Dec 2001
Im trying to install Lego Mindstorms Vision command on winxp.
It fails. I get the error message that says:
"This program cannot be run under NT/2000"
I checked with lego and the dont give any support.
Can i change a registry key that says "Windows XP" to somthing like "Windows 98" or something to trick the program so it will look like i run a 9x os?
Use the windows compatability mode to run the program
My kids have lego creator and I get the same deal...tried to copy to hard drive and use the compatibility mode no dice...finally just dual boot xp and win98..have xp set to ntfs so the kids can screw up anything..jumpstart games were giving me some video issues too...since win 98 duel boot no probs.
I guess Lego haven't made games with support for XP...:(
I know that the way I got Mindstorms v1.5 to work was to install the old copy of QuickTime (qt32.exe on the cd) because QuickTime 5 (the latest version) is not backwards compatible to the 32bit and 16bit versions of QuickTime that older software used.
On the Mindstorm CD, there is a file QT32.exe. Mindstorms would not run in WinXP for me because it would get to the screen to play the opening video but would just show a black screen. Once I installed QT32.exe, the video played and I was able to enter the programming system. This is Mindstorms 1.5 I am using.

If you guys can't Mindstorms to work, I think there is 3rd Party Programming software that is compatible with XP.

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