Legally in need of s/n

right off the bat - let me say this - I can understand how this would be deemed "questionable in nature" but I give my word this is legit, stupid, but legit...

bought XP Pro (oem) for new puter Im putting together. Somewhere along the line, the plastic wrap on the disc/manual dissapeared, along with the sticker and the s/n... I searched for hours to find it, and I am still looking. I assume it was trashed, leaving me with a worthless install disc

so i bit the bullet... tried to search for a keygen, and i did find a few, but none gave an OEM serial (apparently different from the normal pro key)

so what in the hell am i supposed to do now? I dont want to shell out another 140 for another os disc, but i seem to be screwed without it

suggestions? PLEASE *sniff*


I may actually be insane.
If it's installed then there are tools to extract your existing key, I honestly can't remember it's name or where to get it though.

[edit] just noticed you said it's for a computer you're putting together, my post isn't any help then, sorry.
its not, but i know what you are talking about... in my quest for a decent keygen i stumbled across something like that, but it doesnt do me any good now, thanks though

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It's strange the I think of it, that you are actually paying for the numbers, that is the licence.

You can get the media anywhere but it's the licence that makes it important.
You didn't make it clear, do you have a working os using this key at the moment?


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Call M$. With any luck they have a sense of humor and may cut you a break with a receipt and a CD.

Check your bill of sale. The dumb****s who sold me my OEM PRO actually had the serial number on it. That rather pissed me off at the time.
I agree that it's kind of stupid to have the key on the plastic wrapper. Why not just put it on the booklet that comes with the disk? At least that's easier to find and harder to through away...


I have gotten serveral OEM's and all had the SN on the booklet/manual that it came with.


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They stopped doing that in favor of putting on the CD-Sleeve or in the case of larger OEM suppliers on the side of the system itself.

NerdUprising, Just call MS or your OEM supplier.


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i would just ring microsquish and say your installing it on a laptop and need a second s/n, or that you scrapped old computer that had it installed, and have a new comp ya need 2 install on. they should then give you a key........................i think :p (second option is better)


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Henyman said:
i would just ring microsquish + say your installing it on a laptop + need a second s/n
If you said that they certainly would not give you one. You would need to buy another copy/license.

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