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Left my Laptop on the Train...?


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Yesterday I done the most stupid thing I could have ever imagined to do...? Got off the train walked through the train station and then realised I left my laptop on the train...? :(

I went to the service desk and spoke to the most irritating excuse for a Human Being ever... "Who said, you will never see that again, mate..." I could have punched him in the face but, the fact of the matter is he's probably right. I called the help desk and they said they would check the train when it arrives, but, I would like to point out the likely hood of getting this back is very slim indeed.

I have a cover plan but looking through the small print it seams that they are basically saying tuff sh** and f*** you for loosing your laptop in such a stupid way. I agree it was silly of me but, I always fall asleep on trains, always have ever since I was a child. So I woke up dazed and confused at were I was and just bolted off the train. It happens to us all, I know it's stupid of me and I feel such a dork but the fact of the matter I paid £539.00 for a cover plan for 5 years and I don't think it is covered if I loose my goods as misplaced.

Your product will not be covered by theft insurance if:
You have not done all you reasonably can to prevent your product from being stolen. (what a load of bo****ks) so what they are saying is "NO..."

This is were my Ace card comes into place, when I purchased the product in 2004, the guy who attended to me, said in front of me and my wife... (His actual words were, if you take out an extended warranty, this will cover the laptop for all breakdowns and damages, because a new LCD screen on a laptop could cost anything up to £400.00. The cover plan will also cover the laptop if it's lost or stolen.)

I have a witness with me who can clarify this as well. I know for a fact they are going to say I am sorry Mr. Meacham you are not covered under the insurance because you left it on the train...?

Under the Sales of Goods Act 1994 and the Sales and Supply of Goods Act 1994 (Amended 2002) this would be breach of contract whereby they would have to replace the product with a full replacement under the warranty of the laptop.

I'm going to get advice before I call, but do you think I have a case, I'm not throwing away a £1,5.00 laptop which is only two years old and guaranteed for 5 years.

Thanks for listening.
James (AKA Meacham my real name)
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Perris Calderon

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you definately have a case, contrary to popular opinion, verbal statements are binding

in order to prevail, you'd need a witness that was not a friend or relative

it's not likely a judge would give a family member much credibility in a case like that

might as well give it a shot, in small claiims typically the adjudictor tries to compromise before the actual trial

could get like half in a settlement, or perhaps for good will they will replace it


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Yeah I thought as much, I'm going to call Consumer Direct tomorrow to get some advice, they are awesome... I have used them before and they give really great advise and point you in the right direction with the right sections of the Sales of Goods Act and thr Sales and Suppy of Goods Act, they thend to shi** themselves.


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think positive - I hope you win - these insurance schemes have to pay out somtime - I have taken such cover for theft part before, though in my case the theft part of the cover has usually only been effective for year one and not beyond (no idea why or if yours is different).... I think most claimants just play dumb and say it was pinched - maybe you can do that also? If they do not pay out - remember and think twice before paying so much for this cover again!

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