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29 Aug 2002
Just wondering if anyone else has used one of these. I just got one and plugged it into a spare PCI, powered up again - no new hardware bubbles popping up, which is a slight worry.

But install istructions are to cancel any of those anyway - so I proceed and put in the install CD - select the relevant first component - it goes through to installshield which completes its progress bar and then pops up a little yellow triangle with the simple words "Not Supported -" :mad:

I've sent an email to their support site, but not too optimistic with their being a .tw company (although I think suport may be NL based for Europe). Even tried downloading the drivers from their site and using device manager and pointing it to them - but then the drivers go through to the installing of files, seeming to get to the last bit and then system resets and on recovery I am told system recovered from a serious error caused by device drivers :mad:

[EDIT] It gets worse - I've just found this has screwed up my onboard sound! I am assuming the drivers have done that though not sure how to correct yet - there was also an audio lead from the card to the mobo's aux sound in, but surely that cannot have screwed things? [/EDIT]
It's not like I care too much about watching the TV right now - was more looking forward to quality radio - but I forked out for this and am getting zero joy. Any ideas anyone? Even if not a Leadtek user surely others have TV cards and could give general advice.... I am wondering if the device is completely naff given my machine seems unable to detect it anyway whatsoever. Then presumably the driver installaton may be failing because it cannot find the card?

[EDIT] Did a system restore to before the unsigned driver install where I tried to force the downloaded drivers in - this has at least restored my sound card - but my TV card remains SNAFU [/EDIT]
They have very good phone support even thought it isn't toll free (I think it might be Washington)...You may want to see on their webpage if they have a UK phone number. I called about mine, having problems installing it and they sent me a new one fairly quickly.
ive got that card...what drivers and windows you got? i just cant run the tv without disabling the crossbar.
XP Pro here

fantasi said:
ive got that card...what drivers and windows you got? i just cant run the tv without disabling the crossbar.

running XP Pro with a Radeon 9700 pro graphics card here.... not sure what more is relevant - the onboard sound seems to be, maybe - well it's an ASUS A7V8X-X mobo with onboard SoundMAX didgital audio. I'm not sure if any of that is any help. I cannot get as far as running anything - only awareness I have of "crossbar" is from trying to force drivers on and maybe if I looked in the manual to help you run it when installed - I'm not even getting to where that matters of course :mad:
the phone support was good - spoke with a nice belgian and swapped PCI slots and got no where and an RMA ing it asap - this seems to be RMA day for me, my lap top has to go too :(
Electronic Punk said:
RMAing mine too... hopefully won't take too long. :(

is that the Leadtek card, I take it, not a laptop? Seems quite a coincidence I wonder about their build quality :rolleyes: Did you consider a different brand replacement? I know I did... but at the end of the day the leadtek (working!) was what I wanted so I decided to opt for a straight swap and surely the next one will be a working item! If not I am definitely RMAing for something different - maybe Hautpage (bit pricey though)
Me too!!!

I bought one of these a few weeks ago, I had all kinds of trouble on installation, I too kept getting the pop up bubbles in between the various installs. Finally got the radio working but when I change back to the TV my whole system crashes.

So, ripped it out and placed it my second PC and hey presto works perfect :confused: Both PC's running XP Pro.
I must have been a fluke. I just followed instructions and my install went flawlessly, card works great. Leadtek WINFAST 2000. FM Stereo, Remote control, everything worked. I was a little disappointed in capture quality. I had hoped to rip stuff from satellite and get good resolution.

Only annoyance I had was trying to tune channels. I had it set for CATV instead of Broadcast.
Just very quick post to let others that had problems know that after RMA completed last week my new Winfast TV card is working perfectly well - pretty happy with it actually so glad I stuck out for the RMA... just a teensy lag problem, surely not my Radeon 9700 Pro letting me down? Still looking into it but if others might know what I mean by all means post up ( about once very four or five mins video seems to do a teensy sub-second lag)
I have the same problem. It tells me "Not supported". Would you please explaine to me what did you do to fix it. Because I don't know what do you mean by RMA. Be more specific. Thanks !
awwww - RMA is a highly technical term :p

It means there was nothing I could do, the card was faulty and it was returned (return material authorization is the process you have to startup whereby the supplier autorizes you to do so and you have to play ball on that in case you are sending back something that either works or that you basically broke yourself!)

Of course that may not be the case for you - Leadtek themselves will tell you this is highly rare. First off - try a different PCI slot, oh and AVOID the one next to your VGA card.... post back by all means if that helps (or not).

Oh and welcome to OSNN Bungee - enjoy your stay :)

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